2022 Garlic Crop Season Starts

2022/4/28 11:56:05

There is a saying in China when it rains, it gains. The arrival of spring rain means that the all agriculture germinate and grow. In the garlic growing province - Henan where early-harvested garlic has been ready for market, there is a lively scene in the farm field.


It has been one to two weeks since harvest in Qixian County and Zhongmu County in Henan. In Wulihe Town, Qixian County, where most of early-crop garlic are planted here, some farmers have started digging shortly after sprout to catch up with the first deal to the market, while size is relatively small at this moment.


Generally, garlic harvest this year is quite positive due to farmers’ diligent management control coupled with abundant rain in autumn and winter. At present, the maturity of fresh garlic in some fields in Qixian has reached 70% to 80%. some good fields could gain 1,900KG garlic per acre, ordinary area could also reach 1,800KG per acre.  


The size of early-maturing garlic varies in diameters from 4.5cm, 5.0cm, 5.5cm, and 6.0cm. At present, the garlic in Zhongmu has only been harvested for about a week, and is not yet fully mature. So the output will have a greater improvement by the end of April and the beginning of May.


Early-harvest garlic have been seen in Huaiyang city, Henan province since Apr 11 with price at about 2.20RMB/KG, and the maturity of garlic was slightly poor. Garlic here was planted at the end of September last year. Output this year is the same or slightly increased compared with last year as the good fields create 1600KG per acre, even the ordinary field could have 1400KG, and the output of the some good fields have seen a 10% increase. Quality is also positive with majority size over 5.5cm diameter, Most of Huaiyang garlic would have been sold to retail markets in Hebei, Northeast, Shanxi and other places in previous years. However, the delivery has not been smooth because of the COVID-19 pandemic this year.


At present, there is quite hustle and bustle in Qixian County and Zhongmu County, and the trading volume has been growing day by day. This year, farmers seem to be particularly active in selling. Comparing with the price in the same period in 2021, the offer this year is at a lower level. In months to come with Shandong garlic stepping into supply, how would market buyers respond? Let’s wait and see.