10 Benefits of Using Freeze Dried Foods for Food Storage Plans

2019/9/20 14:11:51

It seems that nowadays, everything takes its toll on the nation’s food supply. From climate change, natural disasters to emergency situations… these things can all hinder your ability to shop for food the way you usually would. Having an emergency food supply could mean the difference between making it through the crisis in good health, and passing away from starvation.

No matter what your purpose is for starting your food storage plan, you need to ensure that you have enough food to feed your entire family, if a disaster strikes. Here are 10 advantages to adding freeze dried food to your food storage plan:


1. Fantastic Flavors

Freeze dried entrees are prepared by gourmet chefs. This means that the foods are prepared using amazing recipes and only high-quality ingredients. The freeze drying process essentially freezes the flavors in place, retaining the original natural flavors.


2. Looks Fresh

When food is freeze-dried, the process also freezes the original texture and shape in place. These foods never shrivel or shrink during processing. Using low temperatures to remove moisture helps to keep the food fibers and moisture channels intact.


3. Good Nutritional Value

Foods that are flash frozen retain their nutritional value, including the original amount of minerals and vitamins. This is because, unlike processed foods, they are flash frozen using low temperatures, which doesn’t strip the foods of nutrients.


4. Shelf Life

Even when stored at room temperature, most of these foods have a shelf life of more than 25 years. There’s no need to rotate these foods, because there’s no need to worry about them spoiling for more than two decades. No one knows exactly when a disaster will strike. Therefore, having foods that last for 25+ years will help you stand the test of time.


5. Cost Efficient

There are extra costs associated with investing in freeze dried foods. However, when you factor in the long shelf life, these foods are very cost efficient. You’ll no longer need to restock your food storage regularly, which could save you a bundle in the long-run.


6. Easy Preparation

Before being freeze dried, the foods are prepared and trimmed down to serving sizes. They’re then individually wrapped to avoid waste and leftovers. All you have to do is open a packet, add some boiling (or very hot) water, and eat away.


7. Lightweight

Do you know that the majority of the weight in food is caused by moisture? That’s why freeze dried foods are so lightweight, making them easy to tote around during a trip or emergency evacuation. Removing the moisture makes freeze dried food weigh substantially less than canned or fresh food.


8. Less Storage Space 

Freeze dried foods are condensed, before being vacuum sealed in high-quality Mylar bags. Even in bulk, meal packages take up much less space than other types of foods, such as canned goods.


9. Convenient to Carry

Because of the lightweight and condensed packaging, freeze dried food packages are very convenient to carry. They fit in the back seat or trunk of your car. Long-term food storage packages come in one big box, making it convenient to grab your goods and run.


10. Financial Emergencies

Food storage isn’t just for natural disasters and man-made catastrophes. There are times when a financial crisis may hit, causing you to have to cut back on the way you usually shop for groceries. Having an emergency supply of freeze-dried foods will ensure that your family eats healthy meals until you’re able to get back on your feet