Shundi Foods was invited to the 8th World Instant Noodles Summit 2012 in Tianjin


      The 8th World Instant Noodles Summit opened at the Renaissance Tianjin TEDA Convention
Centre Hotel in Tianjin, China during May 19-21, 2012.

The biennial summit, themed "Instant Noodles for Better Life-Safety, Delicacy, Convenience,"
is organized by the World Instant Noodles Association (WINA) and hosted by Tianjin-based
Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corporation, China's leading instant noodles maker.

The three-day event included several programs such as a Board of Governors Meeting, General
Meeting, market report presentations, forums, exhibitions, a joint press conference and gala

A total of 163 businesses from 25 countries and regions joined the event to discuss issues
on instant noodles and its relation to food safety, disaster relief, nutrition and health.

Instant noodles, since their birth in Japan in 1958, have been consumed worldwide as a
popular meal substitute, second only to bread, for its ready-to-eat features, convenience,
excellent preservation, delicacy and hygiene. The food is playing an even more important
role in people's daily life as a way to solve food shortage, ensuring catering safety and
making life better.

According to the WINA, about 98.2 billion packets/cups of instant noodles were eaten
worldwide in 2011, with China consuming some 42.5 billion packets/cups, accounting for about
43 percent of the world's total. It was followed by Indonesia (14.5 billion), Japan (5.5
billion), Vietnam (4.9 billion), the U.S. (4 billion) and South Korea (3.6 billion).

The 1st World Instant Noodles Summit was hosted by the Japan Convenience Foods Industry
Association in Tokyo on Mar. 4-5, 1997. Participants exchanged information about the common
environmental and technical issues on the international food "instant noodles".

Shundi Foods, as an member of WINA was invited to join the Summet.